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The 2019-2020 Illini Pullers Team

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President: Nikhil Wagher

Vice-President of Business: Becca Biernacki

Vice-President of Design: Hunter Bolen

Vice-President of Manufacturing/ Shop Manager: Peyton Ruwe

Webmaster/ Merchandise Coordinator: Becca Biernacki, Clay Douglas

Chassis/Exhaust/Powertrain Design Chair: Adam Kozuszek

Steering and Suspension Design Chair: Alex Brockamp

Electronics/Operator's Station Design Chairs: Drew Miller


President: N/A


Team Members:



Becca Biernacki

Jesse Ford

Electronics/Operator's Station

Becca Biernacki

Clay Douglas

Drew Miller



Reagan Bowman

Ryan Miller


Chassis/ Exhaust/ Powertrain

Hunter Bolen

Quintin Potthast



Alex Brockamp

Ethan Plote

Matthew Maske

Nikhil Wagher



From Left to Right: Dr. Alan Hansen, Leyton Brown, Alex Brockamp, John Wyatt Bollinger, Christian Wilson, Becca Biernacki, Tanner Koehne, Ryan Miller, Alex Hoveln, Adam Kozuszek

Not Pictured: Regan Bowman, Jason Pike, Ethan Plote, James Wyeth

Jesse Ford

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